May 18

My journey into Personal Colour Analysis


Personal Colour Analysis was an emotional experience!

Greetings from my little corner of the world! Here in Atlantic Canada Spring is bursting forth at a rapid rate and we are all grateful for  the splashes of colour after Winter. I thought I’d take the time to welcome you to my blog. If I could, I’d offer you a cup of tea, but instead we’ll have to opt for a virtual chat.

My name is Debi, and I’m a 12 Blueprints colour analyst based in Atlantic Canada. I am originally from Sheffield, England. We moved across the pond with our family back in 2015 and in my working life before that I was a Speech Pathologist . You can find out a bit more about how I became a Personal Colour Analyst here.

For me, finding out the colours that best harmonise with my skin, hair and eyes was an emotional experience. Like many women I have tended to assume certain clothes don’t suit me because of something inherently wrong with me. I enjoy the creative side of fashion, yet before  knowing the colours that best suited me, I didn’t know what to wear to reflect who I was inside. This article on the Chrysalis website gives you a feel for how colour analysis impacted me. 

Debi pre PCA

Debi a few years before her PCA

Debi in Bright Winter drapes

Debi in the Bright Winter Drapes at her Personal Colour Analysis 

When my hair silvered, I often felt invisible.

Funnily enough, one of the main things it did was help me make peace with my hair silvering, something that contributed to me feeling “invisible”. Read about that here.

I was thrilled to be declared a Bright Winter and so began the work of adjusting my wardrobe. This is definitely a work in progress that continues to this day. Challenges and rewards ensued. If you are struggling with what to do first after your analysis, here are some thoughts on my own journey.

I recently went through the trauma of choosing progressive glasses (yes I've got to that age!). Horrified by the cost, I decided to put my colour knowledge to good use and shop online at  Zenni which was considerably cheaper. You can hear about how I went about choosing glasses  and gain valuable advice from my colleagues Christine Scaman and Jorunn Hernes, about spectacles for all 12 Seasons, on the Chrysalis podcast.

I hope you enjoyed this whistle-stop tour through my first few years as a Colour Analyst. I look forward to talking colour with you again soon! 


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Growing into Bright Winter

Growing into Bright Winter
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