How PCA works

What is Personal Colour Analysis?

Clothing can be fun. Clothing must be practical for our lifestyle and weather! Clothing can be cheap or expensive. But so often, shopping for clothes can be a source of stress for many of us, especially women. We all know people who seem to dress effortlessly and wear things that seem authentically them, yet when we try we end up feeling like it just doesn’t work. That’s where Personal Colour Analysis ( P.C.A.) comes in.

How do we do it?

It is an objective analysis using the science of human visual perception. We will observe how your skin reacts to the 3 dimensions of hue ( warmth or coolness), value ( light or darkness) and chroma ( clarity or mutedness ) in a variety of colours. We do this in a colour- neutral environment by placing specially calibrated materials ( drapes) next to your face and noting the ones that find the most harmony with the colours that are in your skin. Once we have compared over 40 drapes we will be able to categorise you into one of 12 colour groups or Seasons which tell us the colours which will perfectly complement your colouring.

What does it do for you?

Shopping becomes so much easier when we know which colours of makeup, clothes and accessories will make our skin look more radiant and our eyes brighter. And all that, without disguising anything in our appearance. The beauty is in us, colour analysis just gives us the key.

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