Some commonly asked questions about Bloom personal colour analysis, and my answers!

What will I receive?

A detailed analysis using specially calibrated drapes which places you in one of the 12 Seasons (groups of natural colouring). 

Archival-quality swatch book of your Season’s palette representing the 65 plus colours that best compliment your skin, hair and eyes. 

Detailed advice on how to use the swatch book to match clothing, hair, accessories and makeup. 

Make up application of 12 BLUEPRINTS lip and blush in your Season’s colours. 

Written Season specific information and follow-up support via Pinterest and email. 

Where is your studio?

At my home in Fredericton, New Brunswick

How can I pay?

You can pay by cheque  or Electronic Money Transfer. 

How long will it be?

3-4 hours. Scheduling is flexible but generally Tuesday to Saturday daytime. 

Can I wear makeup during the colour analysis? 

I need to look at the optical effects of colour on  your skin so please come makeup and sunscreen free. If you have chemically coloured hair we will cover it up during the analysis so that it is not distracting to the process. If you wear glasses I may ask you to remove them every so often to check my results for greater accuracy. 

Do I need to bring anything with me? 

Bring any drinks and snacks - I will provide tea and coffee.

If you would like photos of yourself in your Season’s colours, please bring a phone or camera. 

If you have long hair please bring an elastic to tie your hair back. 

What will happen during the analysis? 

We will chat briefly about what you are hoping to gain from the PCA and I will explain more about our session. Then we will move to the colour neutral studio to begin the draping process. I will cover your clothing  and hair and begin looking at different coloured fabrics (specially calibrated test drapes) by placing them under your face.

Together we will talk through what reactions we can see in you and start narrowing down how your skin responds to changes in pigmentation, light and darkness and warmth and coolness. This leads us to the ultimate conclusion of which of the 12 Seasons is yours. It’s then that the magic happens.

We use the luxury drapes to imagine clothes and combinations in your new Season. We will discuss your range of colours and how to use the swatch book to choose clothes and cosmetics. You will also have an opportunity to try lip colours and blusher related to your new Season. 

What if I don’t like my colours? 

That’s a genuine fear and I can certainly relate to feeling that during my own colour analysis! Each Season has a huge variety of colours in it. The swatch book contains 65 different colours including neutrals. I would encourage you to keep an open mind through the analysis and see what comes out of it. We all have our own favourites in terms of colours and some of us, myself included have our own prejudices too. I always said I hated yellow because I didn’t know which yellow suited me; now I love it.  PCA gave me the confidence to expand my clothing choices knowing those colours in my Season harmonised perfectly with the colours that are in my skin, hair and eyes. 

Can I decline the makeup trial? 

Yes, it’s entirely up to you. 

What if I think I was placed in the wrong Season? 

It is important to come with an open mind to personal colour analysis. But if you are unsure about the result I offer a re- draping free of charge. 

Can I bring a friend to the session? 

Yes! Absolutely. 

Bloom PCA

There is never a better time to find your Season