Welcome to Bloompca. I hope you enjoy looking around. My name is Debi and I am a 12Blueprints Personal Colour Analyst based in the beautiful city of Fredericton. I moved to Canada from the U.K. with my husband and 2 children 5 years ago and whilst I will always have my British accent, I love so many things about the beautiful country of Canada.

I have always been interested in clothes and fascinated by colour. I knew there were some colours that could frankly make me look ill, and others that were much better on me. Yet I often bought clothes that looked good on the rack, or on someone else, then got frustrated about on discovering that colour didn’t work for me.

I started thinking about training as a colour analyst when my children were young but it wasn’t the right time, and it was only after moving to Canada that things fell into place. I travelled to Ontario to experience a personal colour analysis with Colour Specialist, Christine Scaman of 12Blueprints and from then on I knew for certain that this was what I wanted to do with my life.

 I had been through a few difficult years and knew I needed to have a creative outlet through work. But I had also lost confidence in my appearance through my hair going grey at a young age. It really made me feel like I had ‘disappeared’. I enjoyed the creativity of clothing and yet I didn’t know how to express to others who I was inside. Colour analysis helped me to see the real me was still in there and could be expressed.

Bloom PCA

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