Beauty is in you,

colour analysis just gives you the key

Debi Rushworth, certified Personal Colour Analyst:

"I am passionate about helping people realize that they are uniquely beautiful"

What i do

I can help you dress without stress

Clothing can be fun. Clothing must be practical for our lifestyle and weather! Clothing can be cheap or expensive. But so often, shopping for clothes can be a source of stress for many of us, especially women. We all know people who seem to dress effortlessly and wear things that seem authentically them, yet when we try we end up feeling like it just doesn’t work. That’s where Personal Colour Analysis ( P.C.A.) can help. 


Shopping is easier when you know what colours to avoid and which to go for!


Become the expert on your appearance by learning what Season you are.


Spend your money wisely, on clothes that you know will make you look good

why i do it

I’ve been there

I really am passionate about helping people realize that they are uniquely beautiful even as they age.

I also want to help them understand that they don’t have to change their appearance or fix it, but to simply wear clothes that harmonize with the colours that are already in their skin, hair and eyes.

That way their inner beauty will shine through for all to see.


How it started

I had been through a few difficult years and knew I needed to have a creative outlet through work. But I had also lost confidence in my appearance through my hair going grey at a young age. It really made me feel like I had ‘disappeared’.

I enjoyed the creativity of clothing and yet I didn’t know how to express to others who I was inside.

Colour analysis helped me to see the real me was still in there and could be expressed.


What my customers say


Bright Winter

I was curious to have a colour analysis done as I’ve always just guessed at what suits me. I’m glad I did. It is so interesting to see what different colours do to your skin. Now, when I walk into a store, I know what colours I am looking for. I don’t waste time and money on things which do not suit my skin type. Thanks Debi!


Dark Autumn

It is amazing how minor changes in colour can enhance or take away from your natural look. I now know which palette to try on and stay in when shopping for clothes, dresses, makeup etc. Debi is very knowledgeable and provides a relaxed but fun environment as she tests what colour works best for you!


Soft Summer

Debi—I am so happy I decided to book a personal colour analysis with you. You are awesome! Thanks for being so warm and welcoming, and being so generous with your time. I had decided to undergo personal colour analysis, partly because I was intrigued by the 12-Season method (as opposed to the old four-Season approach that I had experienced many years ago), and partly (or mainly) because I knew something wasn’t working. It was a matter of common sense to me that some colours suit us better than others, but I really didn’t know what I was doing and was becoming increasingly unsure of myself with every clothing or makeup colour choice I made. For that reason alone, personal colour analysis is worth every penny. As soon as the analysis began, I could tell I was in good hands, and I was instantly reassured by your expert and professional (and very methodical) approach. And I was very surprised to learn I don’t belong to the Season I thought I did after all. Yes, I know I fought it a bit at first. And then I saw it! --thanks to your kindness and patience. It was absolutely worth it, and I would happily recommend Bloom Personal Colour Analysis to anyone who is thinking about the process.


Personal Colour Analysis



Reveal your Season and get your colour fan

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